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Showroom 808

Who We Are


Showroom 808 is a collaborative marketplace for creative women entrepreneurs. 

What We Do


We provide scalable solutions for creative women entrepreneurs to achieve business sustainability and encourage community wealth-building.

How We Do It


When it comes to helping creative women entrepreneurs sustain their businesses, Showroom 808 embraces a Strategic Partnership Growth Model Methodology. 

This strategy coupled with our showroom cultural of sisterhood and collaboration helps to  better position your creative enterprise for longterm success. 

Why It Matters


Statistics report only 3% of women entrepreneurs scale their companies to 1 million dollars in annual revenue. For women of color, it's only 1% which greatly reduces their likelihood for longterm business success. 

Our Focus


Unlike other entrepreneurial programs, we focus on creative women of color who statistically experience more challenging obstacles when striving to achieve company sustainability. 

Our goal is to erase this disparity and change the narrative for women of color in the creative markets. 

Who We Work With


Creative Women Entrepreneurs

Our collaborative marketplace is available to all female entrepreneurs who create handmade products or produce original designed fashions. 

Although the focus of our program is to provide scalable solutions for women of color entrepreneurs all persons who identify themselves as female are welcome to apply.

Market Readiness

We are looking for female entrepreneurs who have actively and consistently been engaged in business for at least 2 years and not more than 5 years.   

Product Requirements

Products should be either handmade or original designs cultivated exclusively for the brand. 

We specialize in au courant, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind product offerings.

Individual products showcased at Showroom 808 are exclusive to our showroom in the Austin, Texas market.  

Product categories are limited and all brand entries are juried. 

Unique Market Position

What makes us special is that we spotlight posh clothing and fashion accessories, artisan quality wearables, unique gifts, and original works of art. 

Showroom Floor Plan

 Choose Your Designer Showcase Space 

Contact Us

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Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

We are a community of creative women entrepreneurs focused on scaling sustainable business. 

Not sure your business is ready for a showroom experience just yet, no problem. Stay connect with our creative community online and via email to find out about all of our upcoming events and workshops. 

Hawkins Bucklew's Showroom 808

10222 Pecan Park Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78729, United States

(512) 284-7263